Furoshiki are a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth,  perfect for wrapping gifts and giving them them that extra special touch.  Another benefit of Furoshiki is that they are environmentally friendly, you can reuse them over and over, and some people even use them as wall hangings or tablemats.  

Wide range of fabrics available for gift wrapping, Furoshiki are available in three standard sizes, or can be made to order, Furoshiki look amazing as a way to wrap a special bottle of wine as a gift for someone.

 The origins of this ‘wrapping cloth’dates back many centuries to the Nara period in Japan.    It was originally used to hold a person’s clothing at the public bath houses    then a part of everyday Japanese life.Later they were used by Merchants   for transporting their goods and,more recently to protect and wrap a gift

Furoshiki today are manufactured from a variety of fabrics such as silk,cotton,   nylon and rayon.The range of designs and colours is enormous and can be  traditional,modern or abstract depending on the whim of the designer and/or  the intended purpose of the fabric

Following World War 2, the use of the Furoshiki declined as plastic western style   shopping bags gained popularity.However,as they are recyclable there has been  a resurgence in popularity in recent times due to environmental concerns

The uses for Furoshiki are many and varied-Gift wrapping (as part of the present) table and placemats,ladies scarves are but a few. Their use also depends on the         size,the most popular being 45 and 70cm square

 The Furoshiki I produce are nearly always pure cotton for it’s quality,durability            and easy care.



    Tokyo born and trained as a Chef, I migrated to Australia over 30 years ago to work at a leading Melbourne hotel and am now an Australian citizen However, my creative and artistic talents led me to establish AIUEO by Fujino in 2016. I was drawn to Japanese Pure Cotton Fabrics for their quality, design and wonderful sense of colour-unlike anything available in Australia I regularly travel to Japan to source new Fabrics and to gain inspiration to create new products I look forward to welcoming you as a customer of AIUEO by Fujino