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Brief History of Japanese Textiles

The production of these fabrics has evolved over many centuries dating back to 900AD.The purpose for which the fabric is to be used usually dictates it’s composition(such as cotton,hemp,rayon,nylon and silk),patterns and colour Japanese artisans are not constrained by Western sensibilities as to design or colour/combinations.Today they enjoy an enormous range of colours whereas in ancient […]


Furoshiki are a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth,  perfect for wrapping gifts and giving them them that extra special touch.  Another benefit of Furoshiki is that they are environmentally friendly, you can reuse them over and over, and some people even use them as wall hangings or tablemats.   Wide range of fabrics available for […]

Find AIUEO at these markets

HAWTHORN CRAFT MARKET every 1st Sunday of each month at Hawthorn Town Hall and TASTES & TREASURES MARKET every 3rd Saturday of each month at Holy Trinity Church Hall Union Road Surrey Hills.HAWTHORN CRAFT MARKETHawthorn Town Hall TASTES & TREASURES MARKETHoly Trinity Church Hall Union Road Surrey Hills