Brief History of Japanese Textiles

The production of these fabrics has evolved over many centuries dating back to 900AD.The purpose for which the fabric is to be used usually dictates it’s composition(such as cotton,hemp,rayon,nylon and silk),patterns and colour

Japanese artisans are not constrained by Western sensibilities as to design or colour/combinations.Today they enjoy an enormous range of colours whereas in ancient times they had a much smaller palette of six to eight colours. In Shogun times,the noblemen/women were permitted to reds and yellows while the commoners were not

Thus these very high quality fabrics are often seen outside Japan as unique.Due to fashions of the time,the artisans and customer demand, currently have a penchant for particular patterns such as NEKO(cats),vegetables such as CHILLIES,KAKIGORI(Bowls of a shaved ice desert) Mount Fuji are some of many

Designs are also often traditional patterns or by SHIBORI(a dot pattern which is expensive to produce due to the intense labour required).Production techniques are very varied and can range from a simple dyeing process to the extremely intricate.The latter to achieve differing effects with the patterns such as washing out or blending of colours

Common examples of the resulting products are the FUROSHIKI(a traditional wrapping cloth and the NOREN(a fabric divider hung between rooms,on walls or doorways)-often used in private homes or commercially

Due to the widespread western appreciation of Japanese culture and design,I am producing a range of items using the highest quality cotton fabrics. These include:Table Runners, Placemats, Coasters, Glasses/Phone cases,Furoshiki, Noren,Tote Bags and Bowties



    Tokyo born and trained as a Chef, I migrated to Australia over 30 years ago to work at a leading Melbourne hotel and am now an Australian citizen However, my creative and artistic talents led me to establish AIUEO by Fujino in 2016. I was drawn to Japanese Pure Cotton Fabrics for their quality, design and wonderful sense of colour-unlike anything available in Australia I regularly travel to Japan to source new Fabrics and to gain inspiration to create new products I look forward to welcoming you as a customer of AIUEO by Fujino